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Help/FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) I forgot my Log on details.

You can get your log on details emailed to you automatically by clicking here.
If you do not receive this email, first check that it has not gone to your "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder.
If you still need further help please contact us at:

2) How do I add a photo to my profile?

There are two ways members can add a photo to their profile:
The fastest method is to use our photo management page, accessed by clicking the "Add/Manage Photos" link under the My Profile heading on your member home page.
Email us your photo by sending it as an attachment to  Be sure you include your membership number in the email.

3) How do I contact other members as a Standard Member?

Standard members can communicate with other members in the following ways:
 Send interest to members by clicking "Show Interest" under their photo
 Send mail to members by clicking "Send Mail" under their photo
 Read mail from Gold or Platinum members
* Upgrade to Gold or Platinum membership, and be able to contact all members.  To Upgrade your membership, click "Upgrade/Renew Membership"  on the "My Account" page.  A summary of the benefits of upgrading your membership are also shown on the chart below.  Women who become FREE members are automatically upgraded to Platinum member status.

4) How do I report abuse?

First, you may simply click  "Block User" on any member's profile who you believe is abusive.  You may also email us at if you are contacted by members who ask you for money, do not seem to be genuine or who are offensive.  Please provide as much relevant information as you can, including copied mail or Instant Messenger messages, to assist us with investigating the situation.

5) I have made my membership payment but am having difficulty gaining access to site.

Please log out of the site and then log back in to it to start a new session.  If this doesn't work, please contact us at:, so we can assist you.

6) I'm having technical difficulties accessing the chat room.

The most common issues with the Chat Room are caused by either not having the latest version of Flash Player, or not disabling your pop-up blocker.

7) What are my different payment options?

We offer the following payment methods:
 Credit Card
 Debit Card
 Bank Transfer
 Direct Debit

8) How are profiles translated?

Each page/section of the site can be read in either English or Thai by clicking on the appropriate flag on the upper right hand corner of the Home/My Account page.  However, individual information which is entered by members for their profiles, and for their correspondence to other members, is not translated.  Virtually all correspondence sent by Thai ladies will be in English however, because there are Thai/English translators who assist the ladies writing emails in almost every internet cafe in Thailand.

9) What are my membership options?

There are three grades of membership on Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Standard membership is free and allows you to send interest to other members and communicate with Gold and Platinum members. Gold members can communicate with all members of the site, regardless of their member grade. Platinum members have access to all site features, including Audio and Video (A/V) features.   Lady members are automatically granted Platinum member status.  Please refer to the below table:


  For more information about upgrading your membership, click "Upgrade/Renew Membership"  on the "My Account" page.

10) What if I have other questions not answered on this HELP/FAQ page?

Please contact us at:   Although we can usually respond very quickly, please allow us 48 hours (2 business days) to get back to you.